Frequently Asked Questions
When does my order need to be placed by?

Orders need to be placed by 5pm on Saturdays for Monday pick-up.

Can I place a special order?

We understand that some people have specific dietary needs. If you have specific needs we encourage you to contact us directly here. We will always do our very best to accommodate you.

I need to meet a certain number of "macros" daily - do you offer different sizes of meals based on my dietary needs?

Yes! We offer Regular, XL and Family Sized options of each of our meals. While ordering, please take note of each description assigned to specific meals. Some serving sizes may vary

Do you deliver?

We currently do not offer individual client meal delivery. However, if a group order is placed we may be able to accommodate a same-time delivery. Please contact us directly here for group delivery options.

What are your product guidelines?

Every item that goes into creating our dishes come from licensed vendors. Some of our vendors are locally owned and some are national purveyors. We take great care to ensure we use the best products possible.

How do you calculate nutritional values?

We utilize a cloud based software called MenuSano to handle all of our nutritional needs. To learn more about MenuSano you can visit their site.

Do you do Low Carb meals?

Yes, we do offer Low Carb meals. When ordering specify that you would like Low Carb. Our low carb options include Extra Vegetables, Cauliflower Rice, and Zoodles.

Do you offer Low Sodium meals?

We currently do not specifically offer Low Sodium meals. All of our meals have some amount of salt in them.

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